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17 April 2016 @ 08:48 pm
Greetings Earthlings. This is your obligatory Rules Post. Please read me or I’ll be a sad little post.

This community mainly deals with illustrations for stories found in the Museslash community. Original Muse Slash ideas and even the occasional non-slash request are welcome as well. Basically, all pairings, ratings, ideas and prompts that don’t conflict with the law of the land are welcome.

‘’But I don’t like a Pairing/Prompt/Story/Artist’s Style/whatever’s going on.’’
Well, tough titties. Bashing of any kind/spamming/trolling will not be tolerated. Move on and find something you like. Don’t cause drama or we exclude you from all fun.

Please do not link to locked material. You can host your artwork wherever you deem fit, but enable everyone to look at it, please. We want to be open to as many people as possible. If you have reservations to going public, talk to us.

Follow me to a big post about All Things Submissions.

Follow me to request new tags or any questions related to tagging.

Questions left? Contact us. We do our best to help you in a timely manner. Alas, we’re no Timelords and bound to our life and its adversities.

And remember to leave feedback when you see something you love!

Thine Art Mods,
eternally_cave, spiralstatix, stefanyeah

P.S.: You want to help us spread the word? Here’s two nifty banners you can use:


15 April 2017 @ 09:51 pm
So, without a doubt you've already noticed.
With the recent LJ move to Russia the mass exodus to Dreamwidth has followed suit. And with Museslash moving over to Dreamwidth, of course this little community will follow, too.

I won't be deleting this community of course, feel free to still use it for spreading your art and asking for illustrations for your stories. I do suggest joining Thou Art Muse over at DW, though. By the looks of it, that's where the party continues.

Our entries have already been exported over, the comments are still queueing. If, for some reason, you don't want the move and you don't want your posts over at Dreamwidth, please tell me and I'll delete your entries over there once the import is fully complete. For now it was just the easiest way to have them pull everything over and then dust everything off.

P.S.: I know, it may not look all that snazzy yet over there. I've yet to find a layout I that I can easily adapt to whoever means I see fit. It now looks a lot more snazzy. I'm getting the hang of layouting on DW. Yay!
03 April 2017 @ 04:21 am
Hellllllo people of the world! First time posting here etc - it's 4AM and I can't think of anything to say apart from, er, "HELLO!". Sorry.
Since this is actually a prompt fill for Panicpalooza, I already posted it on Museslash. I only found out about this Comm, so I'm sharing it here as well because... well, this is the Art Community, innit? And it's beautiful! (Sorry, again, I'm basically sleeping)
Anyway, this is the first time I actually try to do something like this. I only ever do "realistic" portraits, so this was both fun and frustrating to draw - I think I sketched Dom's face about 98419 times and I STILL HAVEN'T GOT IT RIGHT. WHY. I do love my comic-Bellamy, though. He's super-cute. ♥

Bobobobobobobobo - I'm done. This is "Pretty in Pink". ♥

Prompter: millionstar
Prompt: Belldom, hair dye gone wrong
Description: I seriously wanted to write this, like, I even started writing it - but then I noticed that I can't write, so I drew it instead (but then I noticed that I can't draw and - ok, I'll stop right here). Hope the prompter will like it anyway! ♥
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27 March 2017 @ 02:00 pm
Panicpalooza Prompt: Beauty and the Beast AU by anonymous
Pairing: BellDom
Description: This gorgeous prompt would have been a bit too long to write, so I turned it into a drawing. Also, even though I adore the old Disney flick Beauty and the Beast, I didn't want to go all Disney, so I looked the story up on wikipedia and gave that a spin. Now I'm tempted to maybe or maybe not do a little drabble of it. Do not hold your breath on that, though.

Also, kudos to tamarelmensdorp for the title. XD

I cheated on the font, as you'll see if you watch the video. :P I just can't do caligraphy to save my life. :P
As always these days, done with Procreate on iPad.

Find all them Prompts here: PROMPTS!

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26 March 2020 @ 01:44 pm
Calling all artists to pencils, brushes and hot glue guns! MS has started a little prompt collection and filling to revive our little community of Slashbunnies again.

This includes more than just those wielding quills and words. Please, feel free to pick any prompt and do your art wizardry and fill our little community of art, too.

Here's the big announcement post with teensy rulesy: Announcementz0rz!
And the most important: PROMPT GOODNESS!

Also, the [event] panicpalooza tag is live. :D
08 February 2017 @ 12:16 am
Let's try and use this nice little community that's sitting so lonely these days, shan't we? ;)

Story: Chained to You by tamarelmensdorp
Pairing: BellDom
Rating: Let's just say mild NC-17 ;)
Description: So this delicious story happened. And while writing, Tamar might have mentioned one scene or the other and my artsy brain started ticking and me fingers started itching. So what can an artist do but follow the call?

Click the teaser if you dare. ;)

As usually these days, done with Procreate on iPad.
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14 August 2016 @ 06:25 pm
Story: A Fucking Psycho
Rating: R/15
WARNINGS: violence, bit of blood

I imagined this after reading Chapter 7, so it may contain a small spoiler for it. But also it does not have to be an actual illustration of that scene, could also be seen as one of Dom's nightmares.

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01 May 2016 @ 06:16 pm
Story: The Tax Collector
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: PG-13
Description: Dominic - They know him by the sight of his trench coat, the sides of the storm flaps that bore the coat of arms of the Queen and the City of Westminster, the knee high leather boots, the cane and the top hat. A hard, stone cold, stern face is more than enough to tell anyone that he isn't one to be trifled with. Any newcomer to the city that hears of whispers of his name will eventually meet him sooner or later.

Matthew - By day, he appears like any other man you see on the streets, blending in as he sees fits. Whether to appear as a working class, middle class, or sometimes an upper class gentleman, he has the clothes for any occassion. You might not have known anything out of ordinary until you checked your pockets and your valuables are gone. Come night, and that is when he is the master thief that haunts closed shops and locked houses, as silent and eerie as the night implies. Your money and valuables were never safe from the start.

I don't know how many want to see the characters of The Tax Collector be put to drawing, but it has always been in my mind ever since last year. Illustrations can be what you think fits best. If you need some details, we can discuss about it and maybe flail over Victorian fashion.
01 May 2016 @ 12:13 am
Story: Repentance
Rating: G

I really hope that it is kind of what you expected.. Haha sorry because I don't know a lot about the Amish and I don't know if I got the setting right. Also kind of experimented with using both pencil and Photoshop, not sure if I like doing that XD

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